About Us:

This blog is launched with the mission to uplift the use of smart web. Planet-Web is a infinite area with capable of holding the infinite opportunities, infinite ways and also infinite time wasting things. Browsing web these days like cup of tea. But are you sure that you browse it smartly ? Have you found the things you are looking for on the web ?

Internet has huge size of possibilities. This blog will help you to aware of some cool & useful information on web to improve your productivity. So that next time you could click it smarter.

About Author:

Hello there, this is Debabrata Ghosh, you could prefer call me deb, an IT engineer from India, specialized in Information Technology. I love live on the web. Along with this i have several interests such as- surfing a smarter web, deejaying, taking photos of my life-timeline that i could remember for lifetime, playing cricket, traveling around new places, watching movies, collect precious things, learn something about new. If you have any questions or suggestions for me regarding this blog or want to say hi, then you could directly contact me. Also you could have a short trip to my personal website ( www.debabrataghosh.com ) to know more.