How to Connect Laptop or PC to the Internet Using Dial Up Connection ?

Isn't it a good idea to know 'how to connect your laptop or pc with internet by creating dial-up connection using your cell phone as a modem' so that you could be able to use it to complete your urgent job on the web when you are out of town or your standard options to browse internet such as broadband, 3G modems etc. are not available. Even you could use it as your primary option to browse the internet.

There are lot of ways to browse the internet, among them using dial-up is a bit easier and reliable process to setup your laptop or personal computer with internet.

Steps are discussed below:>>

Step #1 > First thing you need to do is to connect your mobile phone to your laptop/desktop using data cable and select PC mode. Make sure your pc suit or similar like this software (including mobile USB driver) which is your phone manufacturer given to you is installed in your computer. Note that you could use your pc suit software interface to connect to the internet, but i would suggest you to learn about manually configure a dial-up connection. Cause there many times when pc suit software doesn't work properly due to some compatibility or other reasons, although it may differ from mobile phone brands to brands and another benefit is you don't need to remember any service provider apn.

Step #2 > Your next step is to create a dial-up connection. First go to start > control panel of your computer. Now if you are viewing control panel by category view. Then click on 'Connect to the Internet' at 'Network and Internet' category. A dialog box will appear, click on 'Dial-up'.

Control Panel by Category View

Click on Dial-up

And if you are viewing control panel by icons view. Then click on 'Network and Sharing Center'. A dialog box will appear, click on 'Set up a new connection or network', select 'Set up a dial-up connection', click next.

Control Panel by Icons View

Click 'Set up a new connection or network'

Click 'Set up a dial-up connection' > Next

After click on 'dial-up' or 'next' in both case a dialog box will ask you to choose your modem. If your phone modem is not displaying in the list, then your phone USB driver is not installed in your computer or may be corrupted. Reinstall the software which is your phone manufacturer gave to you. So choose your mobile phone modem.

Select Your Phone Modem

Step #3 > After choose your modem a dialog box will appear like this.

Now in this step you need to enter the information about your 'Internet service provider (ISP)'. So make sure you know the dial-up phone number of your internet service provider. If you don't have then call your ISP customer care to know this number. Now in the displaying dialog box enter the dial-up number of your ISP. 'User name' and 'Password' leave blank. Don't check the check boxes. Rename your connection name if you want, in this case you may prefer your internet service provider name.

Then click on connect.

You are done. Now your laptop or pc is connected with internet by creating dial-up connection using your mobile phone as a modem on windows and you are ready to browse the web.

You are ready to browse the web now

If you want to check the status of your connection, then click on the network connection icon at the right of your task bar.

The connection you newly created will show you there. Right click on your connection to check the status or disconnect. Now every time whenever you want browse the internet using dial-up connection, just connect your phone with your laptop or PC using data cable > select PC mode in your mobile > click on network connection icon at the right of your task bar > connect.

Please let us know if you are getting any problem during this.

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