Make Your Free Personalize Webpage To Showcase Your Web Presence

Don't you want a personal web page of yours with a catchy url that could tell everything about you on the web. I'm pretty sure you want. We are not talking about creating your own complex or even simple websites. Of course creating your personal website is the best to fix this issue, but you might found that a bit difficult. So, here is the nice option which you can simply choose. Create your permanent public id on the web for free.

How to Connect Laptop or PC to the Internet Using Dial Up Connection ?

Isn't it a good idea to know 'how to connect your laptop or pc with internet by creating dial-up connection using your cell phone as a modem' so that you could be able to use it to complete your urgent job on the web when you are out of town or your standard options to browse internet such as broadband, 3G modems etc. are not available. Even you could use it as your primary option to browse the internet.